Women’s Health Issues


  • Did you know that maternal age has an impact on birth defects?
    Clinical studies that have looked at the US population have shown that the incidence of birth defects at 26 years of age was 2.7% and rose to 3.4% at 37 years of age. This therefore suggests the significant impact of maternal age on the incidence of birth defects. ... Read More »

  • Herbal remedies in pregnancy and post-partum period – Safe??
    Introduction Historically and cross-culturally, herbal medicine has played an important role in both preventive and curative medicine. Ayuverdic medicine has been practiced for more than 5000 years and Chinese medicine is likely equally ancient. Among the first documents to describe Chinese medic ... Read More »

  • Caesarean section versus vaginal delivery: risk-benefit ratio
    Another frequent question asked by our pregnant mothers is: Which is better - caesarean section or vaginal delivery? The argument is complex. Very complex. Many issues need to be considered. Among these issues: 1. Some patients will need a caesarean section - a 'transverse lie' is a good ex ... Read More »

  • Probiotics and your health
    The prebiotics, probiotics and symbiotic story is relatively new and very interesting. Many new studies have shown an interesting link between good bacteria, our immune system development and multiple health benefits both for preventive health and also treatment of certain conditions. More to fol ... Read More »

  • Masalah kesuburan berkait dengan usia
    Masalah kesuburan memang berkait rapat dengan isu usia, terutamanya kaum wanita tetapi juga berkait dengan usia suami. Lebih lanjut...... http://www.bharian.com.my/articles/Rawatankesuburanwanitaberusia/Article/ ... Read More »