Early Pregnancy Problems


  • Recurrent miscarriages – evidence based options for investigations and treatment
    This is a link to the guideline made available from the RCOG (2011) which provides an evidence based analysis of the investigations required and treatment options available for couples with recurrent miscarriages. Note that the RCOG defines recurrent miscarriages as the loss of three or more preg ... Read More »

  • Herbal remedies in pregnancy and post-partum period – Safe??
    Introduction Historically and cross-culturally, herbal medicine has played an important role in both preventive and curative medicine. Ayuverdic medicine has been practiced for more than 5000 years and Chinese medicine is likely equally ancient. Among the first documents to describe Chinese medic ... Read More »

  • The risk of having a spontaneous miscarriage increases with age?
    Clinical evidence shows that above the age of 40 years, the risk of having a spontaneous miscarriage may exceed 50%! You are born with the eggs that you have. The numbers deplete with time and obviously due to the aging process, the risk of abnormalities in these eggs increases with time. Therefo ... Read More »

  • Age and risk of miscarriage
    Age and risk of miscarriages   Advancing maternal age is associated with a reduction in both the number and quality of the remaining eggs. A large study has reported the age-related risk of miscarriage in recognised pregnancies to be:   Age Risk of miscarriage 12- ... Read More »

  • Early pregnancy
    What are the early pregnancy signs and symptoms? A pregnancy is best described as an exceptionally special time in a woman’s life and is often a much awaited and anticipated event. However, in many circumstances, the great news is either not forthcoming or presents itself amidst much confusion ... Read More »