• Male infertility AGAIN!
    Yes even more about male infertility! How common is male infertility? Of a hundred couples seen in the fertility clinic, 20% of them will have a pure male problem (where the spouse has no issues). A further 20% will have a combined male and female problem. Therefore, the male contribution to ... Read More »

  • Male infertility in couples
    Defining male infertility Infertility affects both men and women. In 50% of couples, a male factor is found either to be the primary cause of infertility or an associated factor. This may be a result of various problems, including congenital or acquired urogenital abnormalities, urogenital tract ... Read More »

  • Malaysian fertility rates are falling!
    The total fertility rate among Malaysian women is declining. The estimated rate in 2006 was 2.4 per woman. What are the possible reasons for this? 1.Urbanization and socioeconomic development and better employment opportunities has led to women deciding to put off starting families to later rather t ... Read More »