About Us


Welcome all!

To begin with, a brief introduction to what this particular site stands for.

This site is dedicated to all women and their partners who wish to empower themselves with health related information. We will ensure that the information provided is concise yet adequate, up-to-date, evidence based and perhaps most importantly, unbias. We also hope to be able to present this information in an easy to comprehend manner and as medicine in general is an ever evolving science, this site will essentialy be a continuous 'work-in-progress'.

It remains our fervent hope that you will find the material on this site useful in improving your understanding of the myriad of Gynaecological problems and perhaps provide some directions on possible solutions.

What do we expect in return? Nothing. We have nothing to sell you, nor are we interested in involving you in some dodgy survey. We have also no overt slant towards any religious, racial or gender bias organization. We merely provide information, plain and simple, and when the complexity of the issue prevents this, we hope to provide as many differing points of view (with evidence) to help you understand the mechanics of decision making in those difficult situations. This is merely our contribution to society with the hope it finds an interested audience.