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  • Risks and benefits of using the oral contraceptive pill
    What are the risks? 1. Blood clots A personal history of VTE (blood clots) or a known thrombogenic mutation (genetic problems that increase your risk of forming blood clots) are conditions that represent an unacceptable health risk if CHC is used. For women with a family history of VTE, ... Read More »

  • Age and risk of miscarriage
    Age and risk of miscarriages   Advancing maternal age is associated with a reduction in both the number and quality of the remaining eggs. A large study has reported the age-related risk of miscarriage in recognised pregnancies to be:   Age Risk of miscarriage 12- ... Read More »

  • Large polyp in the uterine cavity
  • Fertility assessment tests
    Fertility assessment What is fertility assessment? Some couples may not be ready to start a family just yet but may be concerned about their fertility status. As mentioned in a previous post, there may be problems with the male partner which could be difficult to sort out and similarly, the fe ... Read More »

  • Weight and your fertility
    Weight and fertility Have you ever wondered if your weight had an impact on your fertility?¬†well, read on........ The problem of obesity has reached epidemic proportions. More than half the women in the United states and United Kingdom are either overweight or obese.¬† Malaysia appears no dif ... Read More »