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  • Learn more about fertility – our new book is out!
    Fertility is a complex issue and if you are having difficulties conceiving, we understand the stress you are all going through!! Not knowing when you will get there and what it's going to take to get you there are only some of your difficulties. You want information........ but whatever you read is ... Read More »

  • Recurrent miscarriages
    The recent definition of recurrent miscarriages is TWO consecutive miscarriages in contrast to the previous definition of THREE consecutive miscarriages. The reason for this simple - it was previously thought that the cause for three consecutive miscarriages was different than that of two, but this ... Read More »

  • Progesterone supplementation in early pregnancy?
    What is the role of progesterone supplementation in early pregnancy? Read more......... Progesterone supplementation in early pregnancy   ... Read More »

  • Endometriosis
    Endometriosis is a benign but sinister disease that affects 5-12% of women in their reproductive years but can be found in as many as 48% of women presenting with infertility. It is the most common cause of pelvic pain in women of reproductive age. Learn more...... Endometriosis & fertili ... Read More »

  • Risks and benefits of using the oral contraceptive pill
    What are the risks? 1. Blood clots A personal history of VTE (blood clots) or a known thrombogenic mutation (genetic problems that increase your risk of forming blood clots) are conditions that represent an unacceptable health risk if CHC is used. For women with a family history of VTE, ... Read More »