How to lose weight?


What is the first word that comes to mind when you are told to lose weight? Difficult? Impossible? Well I isn’t. I am the evidence.

The three components to losing weight are:

1. Motivation

2. Information

3. Mathematics



Motivation is paramount. First decide why you would like to lose weight? Is it because you’re tired of looking fat? Is it because of health reasons or even perhaps to improve fertility? Trying to look better, fit into a small dress or like yourself more in the mirror haha!

Whatever the reason, decide if its important enough. If you’re not really motivated enough, it isn’t going to work. Motivation is paramount. NO PAIN NO GAIN!

Believe me, being told to lose weight isn’t enough. You need to do for yourself. And there’s no short-cut!


You will need to know what’s good and whats not. Whats a calorie and how do you know how many calories are going into your tummy everyday? It amazes me when I see people stuffing themselves with “Char Kway Teow’ for breakfast and after the last mouthful tell me “why is it so difficult to lose weight?”

Know your calories in and out.Char_kway_teow