Endometriosis is likely to recur even after surgical treatment?


Recurrence of endometriosis is common. 10-15% will have a recurrence at 1 year and up to 40-50% at 5 years follow-up. Can this be avoided? Yes. Studies have suggested that the use of the oral contraceptive pill (COCP) can help to reduce the risk of recurrence.
We strongly recommend that all patients with endometriosis use the COCP to avoid or at least delay recurrence. This is even more important in younger women (not yet in a relationship) who desire fertility. Using the COCP while awaiting the opportuneĀ time will indirectly (an ironical paradox – a contraceptive to preserve fertility!!) help preserve their fertility by helping prevent recurrence (to a certain extent). For such women already in a stable relationship -the best advice would be…. get on with it!